one month on

Since the launch of, ATP’s first in house project, the site has been evolving rapidly in its shift from private Alpha to open Beta.

From day one, our developers have been examining user behaviour and adapting the site to facilitate their needs, making shareagift much more friendly, fun and easy to use. The team have also been conducting a series of live user feedback sessions to accurately gauge consumer responses to all our new features. And so, just one month on, shareagift is fast becoming a social gifting platform tailored to the needs of the people who are using it.

The latest phase in the development of shareagift is aimed at bridging the gap between the gifts economy and the huge growth in social network usage. The first step in this process is integrating with Facebook by allowing users to connect with the Shareagift service directly from their Facebook account. Our next goal is to expand our social media integration with various other networks so that our users journey to shareagift is a seamless extension of their current online behaviour.

So, what’s next?

Shareagift has received an overwhelming amount of attention from retailers wanting to get involved with the brand. We are currently working alongside many other businesses to secure a much greater market presence by creating a series of new features that expand upon the initial concept for shareagift. This continual stream of development is sure to make shareagift a unique and unrivalled gifting platform that is way ahead of its competitors.

Here at ATP, we’re delighted with the reception the site has received thus far. With great coverage from key opinion-leaders like Fast Company, Mashable and The Next Web, the site is continuing to reach a huge worldwide audience. Watch this space!

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ATP launches

A big day today for the ATP Team as we launch our first in-house website project,  Shareagift is a website that enables groups of people to come together to pool their money and buy really great gifts for their mutual friends.  The site aims to revolutionise the online gift market and make unwanted gifts a thing of the past by helping people share the cost of gifts so the recipient receives that coveted item they really want.

Shareagift works by a primary gift organizer creating a webpage, or ‘Gift Page’, on the site – personalised with photos and information about the recipient, occasion and selected gift – and shares it by email or Facebook Send with the recipients’ family and friends to contribute.  Contributions can be made by PayPal, credit or debit card, after which the organizer then collects the money and buys the gift.  The beauty of the sit is that it can be used to buy absolutely any gift from anywhere – whether it’s online, offline, in a store, gallery, showroom, anything – as funds can be used directly online or transferred to spend as cash.

Today we launch the site to the public today in beta, and through it we hope to transform the gifting process process for the consumer – making buying gifts sociable, shareable and affordable – and developing a new approach to social gifting, relieving the time pressures, budget constraints, and geographical disparity of those wanting to get involved, helping people buy really great gifts for their friends.

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ATP Office Signage and Filmshoot

An exciting week for us this week at ATP as we finally got Jose’s beautiful branding designs up on the office front door, and did our very first ATP filmshoot.

ATP Office Signage

With the upcoming launch of we needed to create a 2 minute b-roll for our US PR team to send out to broadcast media to introduce them to the site.  So earlier this week we invited film director Will Garthwaite to the ATP offices to get some footage of the team working on the launch of Shareagift, and film a snapshot behind the scenes at the London office.

Unfortunately with the time difference we weren’t able to shoot our daily Skype catch up with Adrita in the San Diego office, but otherwise all the team were present and correct, and we spent the day surrounded by a dizzying array of film equipment as Will and his team worked around us.  We’re all delighted with the results, which show a great little insight into the office – and some classic shots of London in this beautiful part of the city where we’re lucky enough to work.

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ATP Logo Re-branding

With ATP about to launch our first in-house project and the inclusion of our first 3rd party investment in the portfolio, we’ve been doing some work over the last couple of weeks on the ATP logo and branding.  Our gifted Senior Designer, Jose, developed some great iterations taking the principles on which our original logo was founded and developing the concept to produce some fantastic results.

The core principles of ATP are based on a flair for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, a young, dynamic, forward-thinking approach to project development and the creative use of technology to develop elegant and simple solutions.  It is on these values that Jose based the foundation of his design ideas, developing his concepts to produce the shortlist of designs below.

Jose's first iteration from the original logo design

The foundation of the original ATP logo was based on a triangular model with four points creating a three-dimensional shape.  Jose explains the logic for this foundation, “The triangle is the most basic of all geometrical shapes – it is the most simple shape you can create using a minimum number of points, yet this foundation allows you to build the most complex geometrical structures”.

Simple iteration working with integrated triangular concept

As the foundation of the ATP logo this triangular logic works as a perfect reflection of our values.  From this simple starting point Jose developed his ideas to design something that would also reflect fluid, creative thinking and a commitment to the progression of technology.

Jose's final iteration denoting fluidity and complexity on a simple triangular foundation

Ultimately we took this design to our customer base, surveying a sample of consumers and stakeholders both in the technology and general consumer sphere to get their feedback.  The reaction was extremely positive, the overwhelming majority preferred the final design and we received some very insightful comments, including one respondent who commented that the final version “…stands out, has character and is unique to the point where you could show the icon to someone without the company name and they may well recognise it and associate it with your company”.  A happy result for ATP.
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Update on ATP’s first project

So we’ve all been scurrying about in secret over the last 6 months working on ATP’s first in-house project, which we’re now proud to announce as the world’s first fully dedicated group gifting website, (

Shareagift provides a unique service for groups of friends and acquaintances to come together and buy really fantastic presents for their friends.  The site provides a simple, secure and engaging platform to collect gift contributions from groups of people on behalf of one primary organiser who can then purchase the selected gift from any other retailer online or offline anywhere in the world.

For consumers it means no more dreary searching through the shelves or endless browsing online for that elusive perfect gift – which usually ends up being a desperately underwhelming set of scented candles or the most recent B-list celeb biography.   Instead Shareagift enables groups of friends to share the cost so they can buy the recipient a gift they’ll really love.

We’ve just launched our user-testing phase for pre-alpha, if you’d like to follow our progress please take a look at the Shareagift blog:, search for on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Shareagift.

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Development of ATP website

One of our first tasks was to build the ATP website – to present the company and our pioneering business model.  The challenge:  to communicate ATP’s unique role as both venture capital fund and business incubator; offering valuable support and resources working closely with 3rd party investments as well as our own projects.

So this was one of our initial designs back in September:

From here we refined the design for the delivery of v1:

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Update from ATP

So we actually started our blog back in September, though a couple of recent technical decisions have meant we’ve migrated to this new address…  So now here we are in May and it seems as though we’ve come a million miles since then.  In reality it’s more like 5 miles – from Victoria to Primrose Hill – but with some major developments and excitements for the team along the way.

Since September we’ve launched the ATP and Incredible Thinking sites, developed a full working version of our first website project, S.A.G (psuedonym), welcomed to the team a fantastic graphic designer, moved to some dreadful temporary offices, moved (very swiftly on!) to our own new offices, endured painters, decorators and internet nightmares as well as enjoying sunshine, park life, white boards and the vast improvement of all the team settled in to one place together at last.

The big drive forward at the moment is the S.A.G project which is really taking shape. The UI design is looking fantastic and we gearing towards a launch date in July.  A few teething problems still to overcome but the team are excited and motivated and everyone we’ve spoken to about it (reams of PR agencies and SEO companies both sides of the pond) can’t wait to get going on it with us.

So watch this space!  Wish we could divulge more at this point, but all will be revealed. Suffice to say it’s exciting times for ATP and we can’t wait to have our first project off the ground to hang our hat on.

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