Update from ATP

So we actually started our blog back in September, though a couple of recent technical decisions have meant we’ve migrated to this new address…  So now here we are in May and it seems as though we’ve come a million miles since then.  In reality it’s more like 5 miles – from Victoria to Primrose Hill – but with some major developments and excitements for the team along the way.

Since September we’ve launched the ATP and Incredible Thinking sites, developed a full working version of our first website project, S.A.G (psuedonym), welcomed to the team a fantastic graphic designer, moved to some dreadful temporary offices, moved (very swiftly on!) to our own new offices, endured painters, decorators and internet nightmares as well as enjoying sunshine, park life, white boards and the vast improvement of all the team settled in to one place together at last.

The big drive forward at the moment is the S.A.G project which is really taking shape. The UI design is looking fantastic and we gearing towards a launch date in July.  A few teething problems still to overcome but the team are excited and motivated and everyone we’ve spoken to about it (reams of PR agencies and SEO companies both sides of the pond) can’t wait to get going on it with us.

So watch this space!  Wish we could divulge more at this point, but all will be revealed. Suffice to say it’s exciting times for ATP and we can’t wait to have our first project off the ground to hang our hat on.


About Nick Woodford

I work as the Community Manager for Shareagift in London. I love all things tech, travelling, gaming, am a film buff and ski enthusiast.
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