Update on ATP’s first project Shareagift.com

So we’ve all been scurrying about in secret over the last 6 months working on ATP’s first in-house project, which we’re now proud to announce as the world’s first fully dedicated group gifting website, Shareagift.com (www.shareagift.com).

Shareagift provides a unique service for groups of friends and acquaintances to come together and buy really fantastic presents for their friends.  The site provides a simple, secure and engaging platform to collect gift contributions from groups of people on behalf of one primary organiser who can then purchase the selected gift from any other retailer online or offline anywhere in the world.

For consumers it means no more dreary searching through the shelves or endless browsing online for that elusive perfect gift – which usually ends up being a desperately underwhelming set of scented candles or the most recent B-list celeb biography.   Instead Shareagift enables groups of friends to share the cost so they can buy the recipient a gift they’ll really love.

We’ve just launched our user-testing phase for pre-alpha, if you’d like to follow our progress please take a look at the Shareagift blog:  shareagift.wordpress.com, search for Shareagift.com on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Shareagift.


About Nick Woodford

I work as the Community Manager for Shareagift in London. I love all things tech, travelling, gaming, am a film buff and ski enthusiast.
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