ATP Logo Re-branding

With ATP about to launch our first in-house project and the inclusion of our first 3rd party investment in the portfolio, we’ve been doing some work over the last couple of weeks on the ATP logo and branding.  Our gifted Senior Designer, Jose, developed some great iterations taking the principles on which our original logo was founded and developing the concept to produce some fantastic results.

The core principles of ATP are based on a flair for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, a young, dynamic, forward-thinking approach to project development and the creative use of technology to develop elegant and simple solutions.  It is on these values that Jose based the foundation of his design ideas, developing his concepts to produce the shortlist of designs below.

Jose's first iteration from the original logo design

The foundation of the original ATP logo was based on a triangular model with four points creating a three-dimensional shape.  Jose explains the logic for this foundation, “The triangle is the most basic of all geometrical shapes – it is the most simple shape you can create using a minimum number of points, yet this foundation allows you to build the most complex geometrical structures”.

Simple iteration working with integrated triangular concept

As the foundation of the ATP logo this triangular logic works as a perfect reflection of our values.  From this simple starting point Jose developed his ideas to design something that would also reflect fluid, creative thinking and a commitment to the progression of technology.

Jose's final iteration denoting fluidity and complexity on a simple triangular foundation

Ultimately we took this design to our customer base, surveying a sample of consumers and stakeholders both in the technology and general consumer sphere to get their feedback.  The reaction was extremely positive, the overwhelming majority preferred the final design and we received some very insightful comments, including one respondent who commented that the final version “…stands out, has character and is unique to the point where you could show the icon to someone without the company name and they may well recognise it and associate it with your company”.  A happy result for ATP.

About Nick Woodford

I work as the Community Manager for Shareagift in London. I love all things tech, travelling, gaming, am a film buff and ski enthusiast.
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