one month on

Since the launch of, ATP’s first in house project, the site has been evolving rapidly in its shift from private Alpha to open Beta.

From day one, our developers have been examining user behaviour and adapting the site to facilitate their needs, making shareagift much more friendly, fun and easy to use. The team have also been conducting a series of live user feedback sessions to accurately gauge consumer responses to all our new features. And so, just one month on, shareagift is fast becoming a social gifting platform tailored to the needs of the people who are using it.

The latest phase in the development of shareagift is aimed at bridging the gap between the gifts economy and the huge growth in social network usage. The first step in this process is integrating with Facebook by allowing users to connect with the Shareagift service directly from their Facebook account. Our next goal is to expand our social media integration with various other networks so that our users journey to shareagift is a seamless extension of their current online behaviour.

So, what’s next?

Shareagift has received an overwhelming amount of attention from retailers wanting to get involved with the brand. We are currently working alongside many other businesses to secure a much greater market presence by creating a series of new features that expand upon the initial concept for shareagift. This continual stream of development is sure to make shareagift a unique and unrivalled gifting platform that is way ahead of its competitors.

Here at ATP, we’re delighted with the reception the site has received thus far. With great coverage from key opinion-leaders like Fast Company, Mashable and The Next Web, the site is continuing to reach a huge worldwide audience. Watch this space!

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